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Q: Do you change watch batteries?

A: Yes. (In most cases, while you wait)


Q: Can you repair a wind up watch?

A: No. Unfortunately, wind up watches are a thing of the past and repair has become a lost art.


Q: Do you size rings?

A: Yes.  We can size gold, silver, and platinum rings.


Q: Can Tungsten or Titanium rings be sized?

A: No, however many tungsten ring manufacturers have a lifetime warranty.


Q: Can you engrave my Yeti cup?

A: Yes, we can engrave insulated tumblers.


Q: Can you engrave my business logo?

A: Yes. We can engrave your business logo onto a variety of surfaces.


Q: Can I use my existing diamonds to create a new piece?

A: Yes.  Bring in any stones that you currently have and our jewelry designers can present your options and give you an estimate to create a new piece.


Q: Can I get jewelry designed to my specifications?

Possibly. Our jewelry designers would happily visit with you and present viable options to bring your jewelry ideas to life.


Q: How often should you get the prongs checked on your rings?

A: At minimum, once a year.  Maintenance in the forefront, can prevent the heartache of losing a diamond or sentimental stone.

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